191: Playmobil Fairy Ship and Mermaid

Playmobil Fairy Ship and Mermaid photo
  • Category: MP
  • No Pieces: 36
  • Manufacturer: Playmobil
  • Age: 4+years
  • Rent: $3.00
  • Replacement cost: $93.98
  • Storage: : Free standing plus bag


Plan a magical sailing trip with the fairy folk. If you`re lucky you might come across a dolphin or a mermaid swimming in the sea.


1x boat
1x purple oar
1x sail
2x yellow boat decorations
1x leaf shade
2x yellow leaf supports (one arch, one pole)
3x people
1x mermaid
1x purple wings
1x dolphin
4x am bands (2x purple, 2x gold)
1x winged insect
1x lyre
1x flag
1x gold seahorse septre
1x pink wand
1x pearl septre
1x light
1x gold hanging decoration with pink heart
1x mirror
1x blue seahorse
3x blue flowers
2x gold mirror hooks
2x coral pieces (1x pink, 1x purple)
1x orange coral stand


Two playmobil sets combined

  • 9355 mermaid
  • 9133 enchanted fairy boat