Term and Condition

Good reason to join a Toy Library

Dunedin City Library member rules

  1. Free toy hire on your child’s birthday.
  2. Free toy hire if you help at a fundraiser/ working bee.
  3. Late fee will be charged for overdue toys at the same rate as toy hire.
  4. Please keep your contact details up to date.
  5. We expect toys to be played with and for there to be some wear and tear but please treat the toys with respect and notify us of any losses or breakages. If a toy is extensively damaged you may be asked to contribute to replacement or repair.  Missing toy pieces will be charged at $5 per piece, refundable on return of the piece.
  6. Please return toys clean or use the cleaning equipment at the library.
  7. Please remain at the library until your toys have been checked.
  8. Please do not exchange toy library toys with friends.
  9. It is your responsibility to ensure appropriate toys are chosen for children under 3 years and to supervise and protect children under that age from toys that are unsuitable with small parts that could be swallowed or inhaled.
  10. Batteries are not included. We recommend having some rechargeable batteries set aside at home.
  11. If you decide to discontinue use of the library please let us know.
  12. Your membership is not transferable to anyone else.
  13. Membership fees are non refundable once paid.
  14. Membership is deemed to have ceased if you do not use the library for 10 weeks without prior arrangement OR where your annual membership subscription remains outstanding/overdue for that period.
  15. If your membership includes duty and you’re not able to make it, it is your responsibility to change days with another member and to let the librarian know - a fee of $10 is payable per duty missed and if this happens regularly you will be asked to upgrade your membership.
  16. If you choose the option of being a fundraising member and do not participate in one fundraiser per year then a fee of $20 is payable.
  17. The library closes for around 5 weeks over summer. Temporary memberships are paused during this time.