Frequently Asked Questions


With a few exceptions all toys are hired for a fortnight (2 weeks).

You can hire a maximum of 5 toys at any one time.

We will give you a few weeks to locate it but if it is still not found a fine of $5 per piece is charged – this is returned if you find the pieces and return them at any stage.

Firstly please tell us – we do check toys but it’s great if you tell us as soon as it happens. What we do depends on the age /quality of the toy and what part is broken.
Extensive damage will be considered by the Toy Library Committee and may require you to pay for repairing or replacement.

Yes! Feel free to let your children play with the toys whilst you are there – it’s a great way to let them choose what they would like to take home with them. All we ask is that you pack them up once they are finished playing with them.

Absolutely your child/ren can stay and play whilst you complete your duty.

  • Take out the toy library signs
  • Put some toys out onto the footpath
  • Help the librarian check toy pieces
  • Make sure toys are clean – if not ask members to clean them
  • Return toys to their appropriate shelves
  • Help members carry toys to and from their cars
  • Clean the floors and pick up toys and put them away during session
  • Chat to members and prospective members about what toy library is all about
  • Bring in toys and signs after session finishes
  • Have fun and check out all our awesome toys

We are 100% volunteer run; we rely on our awesome committee and members to keep us going.

We close any weekend that’s a public holiday or has a Monday or Friday attached to it that is a public holiday. We’re open for School Holidays apart from a 5-6 week break over the Christmas period.

Absolutely – we will take the $10 you paid for your temporary membership off any other membership type and extend it to a year from your original start date – however you cannot join up with another temporary membership

Unfortunately at this stage reservations are not a service we currently offer. This may change in the future however.